2019 EG Eagles Pony

2019 Mountaineer League
Pony Division

 Unless Noted: All Sunday and weekday games start at 6:00 PM
All Saturday games start at 11:00 AM

EG Eagles

Tues., April 23 7 EG Eagles Wellsburg Braves 5 Wellsburg
Fri., April 26 Warwood EG Eagles Patterson
Tues., April 30 11 EG Eagles M&M 3 I-470 Geno’s
Thur., May 2 10 EG Civics EG Eagles 1 Patterson
Mon., May 6 6 Woodsdale EG Eagles 7 Patterson
Fri., May 10 8 EG Eagles Wellsburg Bats 5 Wellsburg
Tues., May 14 Pike Cubs EG Eagles Patterson
Sat., May 18 EG Eagles Benwood I-470 Geno’s 11 am
Fri., May 24 3 Wellsburg Braves EG Eagles 13 Patterson
Sun., May 26 Benwood EG Eagles Patterson 6 p.m.
Tues., May 28 0 EG Eagles Warwood 6 Garden Park
Fri., May 31 3 M&M EG Eagles 6 Patterson
Tues., June 4 6 EG Eagles EG Civics 5 Patterson
Sat., June 8 14 EG Eagles Woodsdale 4 I-470 Geno’s 11 a.m.
Tues., June 11 2 Wellsburg Bats EG Eagles 10 Patterson
Fri., June 14 16 EG Eagles Pike Cubs 5 Pleasanton



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4/28/20 UPDATE: As for now, we are waiting on WV and Ohio, along with local city and county officials, to provide the go ahead to open the fields and hold activities. There is no timeline for this to occur. To be clear, ALL MBA activities remain suspended until further notice. We will continue to follow the guidance provided by the federal, state, and local governments. We will provide you additional updates as they become available. There have been many questions about the season. Our intention is to play games and have a season this year, once it is determined by our local officials that it is safe to do so. Safety is our top priority. Thank you for your patience.